What is Utopia?

A Sunday experience which embarks on a Yoga practice that embraces live music and closes  with a memorable dance party infused with unique performances at one of the biggest event stages in the world. End your week feeling relaxed and begin a new one rejuvenated.

What is our vision?

Imagine a place where everything is peaceful. Where yoga meets music. Where all walks of life come under one roof to celebrate life and it’s imperfections. Where all unite and connect to their breath, bringing tranquility to the moment.

Imagine no more and enter Utopia…where love and respect is the only requisite.

Doors Open









This is an all level vinyasa flow focusing on moving from one posture to the next, connecting the breath with movement, making a moving meditation synchronized with live music.

DANCE | 2:30 PM

Join us for the biggest Sunday party on the east coast at Echostage, annually voted by DJ Magazine as one of the Top 10 Venues on earth!

The one of a kind day party will feature Exclusively Entertainment’s DJ Biks, DJ Enferno, and DJ Saam who will be spinning tunes from around the globe.

In addition to world class sound and light show, the spectacle will include a wide array of live musicians and performers, hosted by Iman Huschmand.

Where it all started

A lifelong friendship, Sally’s love for Yoga and Iman’s zest for production sparked an idea to bring the best of their separate worlds into one.

Their unified goal of celebrating life’s finite moments by integrating Yoga, live musicians, unique performances, and at the same time, giving back to charities has been their driving force.

After a couple late night hang out sessions on the porch, the idea of incorporating Iman’s DJs in Sally’s classes materialized into something bigger, to bring people from all walks of life together for Utopia.

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